Siri, how do you say «Congratulations» in Norwegian?

Written by on 15/03/2017

Each year the American celebrity-website «E!» arrange a tournament in order to crown last years TV’s top couple!

In the final round of their annual tournament, Isak and Even from the Norwegian tv-drama «Skam» faced off against Shadowhunter’s Magnus and Alec in what was arguably the fiercest (and most handsome) finale ever. But unlike all of the voters’ eyeballs, both couples couldn’t win the ultimate prize. So after millions of votes and tireless campaigning from both fanbases, «E!» could officially crown a winner.

With 55 percent of the votes, Skam’s Isak and Even were the winners of 2017’s TV’s Top Couple tournament!

«Both me and rest of the Skam-team are truly touched by the fans’ dedication, and thankful for all the hours they spent marking road signs,» Skam creator Julie Andem exclusively tells E! News, of the couple’s win.»I think this shows that Skam-fans are not only the coolest fanbase on earth, they are also the most hard working.»

Throughout the tournament, Isak and Even beat fan-favorite couples such as The 100’s Clarke and Lexa, Teen Wolf’s Stiles and Lydia, and The Vampire Diaries’ Stefan and Caroline, before besting Shadowhunters’ Malec in the final round.

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